April 2020 — More Labs

April went by pretty quickly. We got back to coding & worked on going thru release canvas #1.

More Lambda Labs

This month we got to code but I spent much of my time doing essential tasks that weren’t related to coding. Towards the end of the month I got the opportunity to work on one of our data visualizations called Bubbles.

It is a visualization that takes all the countries infected with Wuhan Virus and displays them to size compared to the count of the infected.

We have a lot of work to do to complete release canvas #1 but I think we will be able to complete it on time. Next month will tell that story.

Self Study

I also did a bit of self study on JavaScript. I am about a third of the way thru a 50+ hour course on the subject. I hope next month I will be able to complete it. Other then that I continued my habit of studying Anki flashcards.

Stay tuned and be sure to follow me!

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